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Facts about the DAV

Dear friend of mountains,

You like to apply for membership in the German Alpine Association? That’s a good decision.

The German Alpine Association e.V. with approximately 1 Mio. members (as of summer 2013) is the world's largest Mountaineering Federation. More than 355 sections (as of 2013) are united therein. They are spread all over Germany.

The German Alpine Association is a nonprofit organization. It has been founded in 1869. Its objective is the promotion of mountain climbing and hiking in the Alps, especially with the youth in mind, the preserving of the beauty and nativeness of the mountains, to expand and spread the knowledge about the high mountains, and to foster and strengthen the love for the homeland thereby.

The German Alpine Association is primarily a mountaineering club having comprehensive expertise in all variations of mountaineering. He owns 326 generally accessible refuges in the Eastern Alps (as of 2014) and in non-alpine secondary mountains. Additionally it is responsible for 30,000 km paths and steep tracks. Millions of mountaineers and hikers use this infrastructure annually.

However, the German Alpine Association is also a nature conservation organization, in Bavaria even recognized in accordance with § 29 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act. The German Alpine Association operates in practical nature conservation and environmental protection areas with the aim to keep the ecological balance in the Alps obtained and to preserve the beauty of the mountains.

The German Alpine Association is a cultural bearer, which designed the Alpine Museum Kempten in cooperation with the Bavarian National Museum. It publishes alpine history book series, mountaineering training books, and scientific research reports. His maps are among the best mountain cards at all. The Alpine Library in Munich is the world's largest scientific library for alpine literature.

The federal office of the German Alpine Association is located in Munich (Von-Kahr-Str. 2-4, 80997 Munich, phone 089/14003-0). The house of alpinism with the Alpine Library and the Alpine Museum (Praterinsel 5, 80538 Munich, Haus des Alpinismus) are also located in Munich. Additionally the DAV Summit Club can be found in this city. It is a subsidiary of the German Alpine Association offering a broad program (training courses, hiking, climbing and high tour excursions, etc. in the Alps and the mountains worldwide). Non-members can book these offerings, too (Am Perlacher Forst 186, 81545 Munich, phone: 089 /6 42 40-0, Email : ).

You can purchase the DAV yearbooks, maps, other literature and alpine huts and club articles via the DAV-Shop at special rates.

You can only apply for membership in one of the sections of the German Alpine Association. They act as independent associations. There are sections with more than 20,000, but even those with less than 100 members. It is best choice to select a section in or nearby the place of your residence.

The membership in a section of the German Alpine Association grants the following rights:

Moreover - and this is very important - you may be training in all aspects of mountaineering and be guided in the mountains by professional trainers working for your section. Most DAV-sections have a remarkable excursion program.

Additionally you can attend the general training program of the DAV Summit Club.

Last but not least, your section is a place of like-minded people for socializing, sharing experiences, and good conversation, in short for interpersonal relationship. Many sections offer excellent presentation programs. And the common excursions are among the highlights of the year.

Lots of fun, joy and nice tours
The German Alpine Association

There are good reasons to join the German Alpine Association

  1. You support an association voting for the future of mountaineering in a sound nature and livable environment.
  2. If you have an incident during mountain sports, an optimal insurance package will help you, which is already included in the membership fee.
  3. You can stay in more than 2000 huts in the Alps for less.
  4. You enjoy preferential treatment in the huts in terms of sleeping space, inexpensive mountaineers’ food and free access to self-catering area and exclusive right to access many self-catering huts.
  5. You get more information about environment and nature protection.
  6. You can be trained in all aspects of mountain sports in your section.
  7. You have the highest possible safety standard through appropriate training and leading research.
  8. You get six times a year the members' magazine "DAV Panorama" free of charge. It is an attractive magazine about all aspects of mountain sports.
  9. Additionally you get an information magazine or event program of your respective section for free.
  10. You have access to climbing facilities of the sections for free or less.
  11. You have access to guides, maps and literature via the library of your section or the excellent library of the DAV in Munich for free or less.
  12. You can participate in section events for less; have access to attractive tour offerings and share fellowship with like-minded people.
  13. You have access to a lot of tour descriptions, the huts database and the current tour conditions via the Tour Portal of the DAV.

Categories of Membership

Categories and fee for membership of "Bergfreunde München".

Accommodation in Huts off other Alpine Organizations

You can also stay at the Member Terms and Conditions in all European mountaineering huts of organizations that are united in the UIAA. These are the following associations:

You can also stay for less in the huts of the following associations

VAVÖ - Organization of Austrian Alpine Associations

As a member you can also enjoy advantages in the Verband alpiner Vereine Österreichs (VAVÖ), which is the umbrella organization of all major Austrian alpine Associations. VAVÖ includes the following groups (as of 2014):

Österreichischer Alpenverein, Naturfreunde Österreich, Österreichischer Touristenklub, Österreichische Bergsteigervereinigung, Österreichischer Alpenklub, Alpine Gesellschaft Haller, Alpine Gesellschaft Krummholz, Alpine Gesellschaft Preintaler, Akademischer Alpenklub Innsbruck, Alpine Gesellschaft Peilsteiner, Alpine Gesellschaft Reißtaler, Slowenischer Alpenverein in Klagenfurt.

Assurance Protection for Members

For members of a DAV section the following insurance protection is in place:

see Assurance Protection